Student Feedback

“From the moment I met Steve, I knew I was in extremely good hands. Steve breaks things down into easy-to-remember steps. He has dramatically improved my ball-striking capabilities. He is also an expert with golf equipment and the mental aspect of the game. He is an amazing instructor, coach, and when needed, counselor. I plan on being Steve’s student for as long as he’ll have me.

S. Synder

“I’ve tried other instructors, even went to an expensive one-day golf school. For me, Steve Goforth is by far the best of the best. After over 10 lessons, I can say that Steve has a unique way of getting to the core issue and communicating the fix without overwhelming me with tons of trivial details. And I’ve learned he does this with others too. I believe he customizes each teaching lesson to drill down on what is needed for the subject at hand, rather than trying to get everyone to “fit in the same box” as happened at the golf school. I’m sticking with Steve! He’s been a huge help to my game.

Eric M

“I have to admit, I was apprehensive about taking a golf lesson for the first time in my 40 years of golfing. I knew I needed some help with my game, but I thought old habits would be hard to break. Working with Steve from the very first lesson put my mind at ease. His observation and explanation of what he saw in my swing was very easy to understand. Steve’s suggestions for improvement, combined with my swing video helped me understand how and why these slight changes would improve my ball striking. Steve’s follow-up emails summarizing each lesson made it easy to refer back to each lesson without trying to remember the tips. Great job and many thanks Steve!”

Terry V.

“Steve has been my pro for 5 years. I was a 14 handicap and with his help got down to a 5 handicap. Steve can see what the problem is with 2 shots and show you drills to work on and fix it. I send all my friends and anyone I meet to Steve. Whether you are a low handicap or just starting to play golf, you can’t have better. Thanks Steve!”

Mark O.

“I had four lessons with Steve. When we started I was a 14.7 index and now I am a 9.4. Steve kept the instruction simple and now my game is so very much improved and my confidence is high. Thank you Steve!”

Bobby P.

“I tried on my own for months to make my swing better and ended up making it worse and losing all confidence in my swing. Steve made several adjustments to my swing so now I swing with confidence and make better contact than ever…He even had me swing with my eyes closed just to show me to trust my swing.

Steve helped me a lot with my swing and short game… now it’s just seeing the shot and trusting everything and my game will improve. Now I’m practicing the right way to get better”

Michael J.

“After my lessons with Steve, I have a clear understanding of how to swing each club effectively. I have gained confidence and keep improving as I practice & play.”

Don W.

“After playing golf occasionally for years, I finally decided to approach the game more seriously. I purchased 5 (five) 30-minute lessons with Steve Goforth and left each lesson eager to put the information I was given into practice on the course. While I will never be on “The Tour”, Mr. Goforth has given me the tools to enjoy the game and improve my overall control on the course.”

Tim C. Age 62

“There are three things that I am looking for in a provided service, whether it’s a corporation, food, or personal services; 1). Knowledge 2). Communication 3). Support

Steve’s knowledge of golf was very apparent from the very start of my lessons, evident by the drills he recommended for the specific problems I was having.

What separates Steve from most golf instructors is his communication skills. There were a couple of times during my instructions when I became a little frustrated because I could not grasp a certain technique. Steve stayed with me, changing his verbal descriptions until I understood the point he was making.

After my lessons were complete, Steve continued his support, answering questions, giving specific points, and asking about my improvement or progress.

Steve has met my three points above exceptionally well, but what makes him different from my past instructor, Steve really cares about making you a better golfer and is willing to take that extra time and effort to try and make it happen.”

David J.